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You've got the superior product or service. You have an amazing website. You even have the best customer service around. Unfortunately no one knows you exist, and there's a reason for that; with over 110 million public websites out there, there's a good deal of competition in just about every known niche. That's why it's important to not only set your website apart from its competitors, but increase its overall visibility through online marketing .

There was a time when purchasing a quarter page in the local newsletter equated to targeted marketing. Not anymore. An effective online marketing campaign can be directed at your target demographic, and provide you with the analytics that show who came to your site when, how long they spent there, and where they came from. Most importantly you can determine, down to the penny, your return on investment; online marketing is performance based. The amount you spend directly correlates to how many viewers converted to customers. It's that simple.

Buildpage has the expertise to manage you pay-per-click campaign , optimize your site for organic search , and optimize your presence within the social media networks . Each has its advantages, some more applicable to specific industries than others. Find out which one…or all are right for you.

Buildpage is the most professional and effective web development company in all of my experience. Buildpage built three brand new Web sites for us and executed with precision. Project manager is extremely accommodating and responsive, and has a tremendous team of sharp developers behind him. I look forward to working with Buildpage on future projects.

- Ido Ezra
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